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Computer Protection with AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG Antivirus is a free program for both PC and Mac users, to protect users from a number of threats to the system. The antivirus program provides end-to-end protection against malware and computer viruses, making web navigation easy and worry-free. With constant updates and new virus protection added to the software, AVG Antivirus really serves an important purpose for users today.

What does AVG anti-virus provide protection against?

AVG Antivirus is a robust anti-virus software, that protects the PC or Mac against viruses, malware, latest threats, etc. The software gives protection against unwanted programs, that might enter the system through emails or through web browsing. Through spam, other nuisances like spyware, ransomware, Trojan horses, and other harmful programs may also enter the computer. These are identified, analyzed, and blocked by AVG anti-virus protection.

Running the anti-virus program can help with protecting personal security, as the computer may be breached or hacked by third-party players, and steal data and information from your system. This is exceptionally risky when there is sensitive, high-value data available, that can cause serious loss or damage.

The software also detects programs that are suspected inappropriate and instantly quarantined, so the user can take the decision to remove or keep them, depending on the content. The computer is fully protected against the various versions and updates of a harmful program, and alerts about the suspect programs are sent to the user.

The anti-virus program also alerts users before entering a zone or site on the web, which may have harmful malware, spyware, and other data-leeching tools. The user is given security alerts also when a program tries to automatically install or download something on the system. In that sense, the program reaches the core of the problem, even before the computer is attacked, and protects the user against a possible breach or encroachment.

A complete virus scan helps ensure the overall health of the computer, and AVG is able to determine whether the system is at risk, has been attacked, or damaged by a virus. The scan also helps to eliminate any threats and removes suspicious programs from the computer.

What is available on the free subscription?

AVG Anti-Virus Free offers a large chunk of features for free. These include real-time security updates, comprehensive basic protection of the entire systems, alerts against suspicious websites or downloads, and protection of the system from basic virus threats. These include basic protection from viruses, spyware, trojans, etc, and detects any harmful or virus-laden websites or programs, that can cause damage to the system.

How is the user interface of AVG AntiVirus Free?

The AVG AntiVirus has a dark, aesthetic, and stylish interface, with a black background and green elements. Clear indications of the health of the computer are easy to spot, in the form of a check mark, or an alert. One can customize and schedule a complete Deep Scan, or run smaller quicker scans, with easy navigation around the program. Links to other sections like MyAVG lead to the deeper personalized sections of the application and allows for further customization.

The program is made to be a simple, easy to use virus protection software, that does not require one to have extensive knowledge or expertise in the anti-virus programs. Most of the functions are run as a background, and when the software does ask for permissions and updates, it’s simply done by the click of a button. The dashboard display is user-friendly and intuitive and does not have too many layers that confuse the users. General users are able to easily use this as virus protection for their PCs or Macs, and there is no extensive intervention or manual decision-making required.

What are the alternatives to AVG AntiVirus Free?

There are a bunch of fairly good alternatives to AVG AntiVirus Free, with more or less similar features in the free version. Some of these programs are Avast, Windows Defender, Bit Defender, Kasperksy Free, 360 Total Security, McAfee, etc. Where AVG falters is with the speed of its full-scan, which is better in alternatives like Windows Defender.

Avast AntiVirus, belonging to the same corporate family as AVG offers the most features in the freeware than the other virus protection programs. In terms of malware protection, Kaspersky is a completely robust antivirus, that offers better protection than AVG.

AVG lacks a number of features that can be found in other products such as Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition's webcam protection, Avast's password manager, and Kaspersky Security Cloud Free's on-screen keyboard. However, AVG AntiVirus Free does have a powerful file shredder, that is unique to the product, and useful in removing harmful files from the operating system.

What are the pros and cons of using AVG Anti-Virus free?

AVG offers a number of anti-virus protection features, that are sufficient for the basic personal use computers. AVG is easily customizable, is easily updated, and protects against malware. The paid version adds a firewall to the system and provides even better protection against any malware. The Deep scans and the quicker Computer scans, weed out the malware and point out the possible website sources that are harmful.

However, AVG is slower than its competitors when it comes to virus scans, and the free version is not as robust as other programs (in their free versions). There is also not a 100% detection of virus and malware on the freeware, as compared to a Kaspersky antivirus or a Norton one.

Finally, should one use AVG?

AVG Antivirus Free offers solid protection against malware and viruses for personal computers and covers the basic virus protection needed for safe navigation through the internet. The program does a complete Deep Scan or a quick Computer Scan, to maintain the computer's overall health. Compared to its competitors, AVG is slower in its scans, and does have lesser features than some of the other anti-virus programs. However, it is an easy-to-use application, with an excellent user interface, that is intuitive to navigate through. Overall, this one is worth downloading.

The new version features additional privacy protection, improved automatic threat detection using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, and reduced notifications from other apps and programs when using full screen mode.

Advanced AI security. Totally free
AVG next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence protect you from viruses, spyware, phishing sites, ransomware, and other types of malware in real-time. That all for free.

Security and Simplicity
With real-time security updates, AVG scans for both malware and performance issues, and even catches malicious downloads before they reach your PC.

New Do Not Disturb Mode
Stop distracting notifications from popping up on your screen when you’re gaming, watching movies, or presenting in fullscreen.

Automatically updates to the new version to protect you from the latest threats.

Points of improvement:

 Improved performance — Your antivirus now runs even smoother thanks to tighter integrations with the Windows registry and boot optimizations


What’s new?

  - Expanded Password Protection — We now protect your passwords in the beta versions of browsers, too. (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and AVG Secure Browser - Premium Versions Only)

- Rescue Disk improvements — Windows 7 users can celebrate knowing this feature works for them again, and we've improved its performance and made sure it properly cleans up related .DLLs for all users.

-Bug stomping — Just the usual bug fixes that keep your antivirus going strong.


  • Good user interface
  • Deep scans and Computer Scans to weed out viruses
  • Alerts on harmful spyware and websites


  • Slow downloads
  • Lesser features in the free version

Older versions

Program available in other languages

User reviews about AVG AntiVirus Free

  • Luis Diaz

    by Luis Diaz


  • Nehminlun Touthang

    by Nehminlun Touthang

    i did not like it so much because the premium virsion is tooo expensive soo for me i cannot effort it soo i give 6 thank you

  • Olanrewaju Johnson Oyeleye

    by Olanrewaju Johnson Oyeleye

    this is a very good application i recommended for everyone.

  • Mike Prij

    by Mike Prij

    fantastic and easy to use free effective anti virus system. I am a senior technician at a computer testing factory and highly recommend this software  More

  • Kay Clark

    by Kay Clark

    I recommend AVG. I have used AVG for years. The program locates and eliminates virus, malware etc. I will be purchasing AVG to rid my new computer  More

  • Pankaj Risezone

    by Pankaj Risezone

    AVG is one of the best security ever used. But trial version is good for 30 days only. I got the full version of AVG at best price from https://www.ri More


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