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"Feeling completely ripped off."

I used to love this antivirus. I have AVG Ultimate. It has some great particulars about it; however upon renewal I have noticed that I lost one of my key features. Browser protection. I now have to purchase this feature for an additional $59 and some change so it says. I call customer service. I speak with a man that I cannot understand due to his lack of English skill (I think he was Indian?). Could not understand much of what he said except that my antivirus was confused? I asked if there was a representative there that spoke better english because, while I know he was trying <I actually said that>, I could not understand him. He HUNG UP ON ME!!! Talk about your crappy customer service. I am beyond frustrated. I feel ripped off. I am just wow. Think twice before you use this and DOUBLE CHECK before you purchase a particular plan. the words internet security mean nothing at all except that it will remove any viruses incurred resulting in use as long as you run it to check particular files, not just a regular scan.

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  • Basic Web surfing protection.

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22 Apr 2016

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